Sprig Flower Co.

About Sprig Flower Co.

Hi! I am Alyssa, I founded Sprig Flower Co. one year after retiring from my wedding planning and floral design business AlexisMarie Events (previously Alyssa Hoffman Events). As much as I loved the Seattle wedding industry I wanted to step back and spend some much needed time with my growing family. During my year away my brain was running with ideas of what I would do next. Floral design had quickly become my favorite part of designing weddings and I knew that my next venture would be in the world of floral design.

I am an interior designer by training and love making a home feel special and unique. I believe that having plants and fresh flowers in your home is a huge part of that. My goal with Sprig Flower Co. is to make stunning flowers available to you year around, bringing a continuous sprig of freshness into your home or business. 

The other half of Sprig Flower Co. is our nod to beauty and clean living. I have a huge passion for sharing my love of non-toxic living with the world so I have decided to incorporate my favorite things into our Flower Shop located in the stunning Historic Downtown Snohomish. Check out our Beauty Page to read a little bit more about my why and some of the products we carry.

I am excited for this new chapter and cannot wait to provide you with your sprig of freshness! 


Alyssa Hoffman