Sprig Flower Co.

Now Open!

1007 First Street Snohomish Washington


The Sprig Brick and Mortar Shop

Coming Late Spring/Early Summer 2019

Sprig Flower Co. is excited to be making the jump to a Brick and Mortar location on First Street in Snohomish. Our shop is going to be a unique and exciting new space that is unlike anything else currently in the historical Snohomish area.

Being a flower shop we will have select bouquets and arrangements on hand as well as the ability for custom orders. We will run all of our subscription floral services through the shop as well. We are very excited to start taking on more weddings with a space to work and design. However in addition to your typical floral shop we will offer several other unique retail and shopping experiences.

  1. We will serve as a workshop studio. We will have a continuous rotation of workshops such as floral design, wreath making, calligraphy, essential oils (plant juice), knitting, soap making, flower pressing and pretty much anything our customers request we would love to bring into the space!

  2. We will have a unique focus and largely dedicated retail space for clean living and beauty. I am a firm believer in clearing the toxic products from our homes and lives. I have decided to create a space where you can come to workshops and learn about the products that you are purchasing as well as how to use them and the multifaceted ways that they can be used. I want to bring you the best in every area of non toxic living and help you find ways to remove the toxic products from your home and family. We will carry skincare, makeup, nail polish and various home care and cleaning solutions that are all primarily plant based. We will also have a makeup artist available for special events makeup.

  3. We will have an amazing collection of gifts and home decor that will be primarily sourced from local craftsmen and artists.

Opening a shop and small town has always been a dream of mine, this shop is a collection of all of the things I love and find to be important in our day to day life. I cannot wait to bring this passion to you and share the amazing products that I love and the joy that flowers bring to everyday life!