Sprig Beauty

Sprig is one of the first all non-toxic and clean beauty boutiques in Snohomish. We carry a wide variety of makeup and skincare lines for the whole family that are free of all of the toxins that we find in common household and beauty products today. Our skin in our biggest organ and we need to treat it the best we can by eliminating the amount of toxins and chemicals that it comes in contact with. We are surrounded every day with chemicals that we cannot avoid, so its time to make the change and start at home, in our own medicine cabinets, in our own makeup bags and in our own cleaning closets so that we can all begin to detox and live a healthier life. We are excited to talk hand in hand with you no matter where you are on your journey to detoxing your life. We love that we can get more then just a pretty bouquet out of flowers and plants, we can use it to support healing and beauty in our everyday lives!

Sprig will offer a variety of classes to help individuals of all ages to better understand the products we carry and how to use them. We believe that education is key, we need to know what we are putting on out skin and our families skin.

Brands We Love!

Coco Kind, Pink House, Elate, True Glue, Palate Polish, Plume, RMS Beauty, 100% Pure, CleanTan, Molly’s Suds, Dr. Bronners, Young Living, Badger, Aleavia, Herbivore and many many more!